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We are a member of the Breed Association for White Swiss Shepherd Dogs RWS eV ( Link )


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About LOU

He has already won many victories and, in addition to his lovely character, impresses with his pure white, smooth hair, his elegant expression, his expansive gait, obedience, vigilance and absolute loyalty! He has dark, almond-shaped eyes, a strong scissor bite, full dentition with dark lips. Youtube King "LOU" is an all-round dog, whether as a sport dog, show dog or as a family dog. His health results and pedigree also speak for themselves. In the meantime, he has passed the breeding approval test at RWS with "excellent" and is now available to women!

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Family tree and health data

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Born on November 28th, 2018

Father: Kentalo vom Sutumer Grund

Mother: Quaprice of fame vom Sutumer Grund

Size: 65 cm

Weight: 38 kg

Here to the pedigree


Health data

  • HD: Al / Al

  • ED: 0/0

  • LÜW: 0

  • MDR1 - N / N: Free

  • DM - N / N: Free

  • MH - N / N: Free

  • Ectodermal Dysplasia: Free

  • HUU: Free

  • Hemophilia Type 1 + 2: Free

  • CLAD III: Free

  • MPS VII: Free

  • RCND: Free

  • PRA: Free

  • PRCD: Free

  • Full teeth / scissor bite

  • X-rays here

  • Download test results here


Exhibitions and breeding suitability

Rosi Weissenfels - stud dog ad kopia.jpg

Exhibition successes

  • Ausgezeichnet vom Rassezuchtverein für Weiße Schäferhunde e. V. (RWS) mit "Vorzüglicher Auslese Platz 1"

  • Internationaler Champion F.C.I.

  • Deutscher Champion VDH

  • Champion de Luxembourg de Beauté

  • Swiss Show Champion

  • Dänischer Champion

  • Deutscher Champion (Club-) BVWS

  • Deutscher Champion (Club)-RWS

  • Deutscher Jugend-Champion VDH

  • Jugendsieger CACIB Kassel 2019

  • XMAS Jugendsieger RWS 2019

  • BOS Summer Night Light Show RWS 2020

  • BOS Nordlicht RWS 2020

  • BOB Hanse Cup RWS 2020

  • BOS Autum Winner 2021

  • BOB IRA Chemnitz 2021

  • BOS Golden Summer Winner RWS 2021

  • BOB CACIB Brno (CZ)

  • BOS  IRA Rostock 2021

  • Multi BOB + BOS Winner

Breeding suitability

Youtube King passed the breeding suitability test on July 18th, 2020:

Form value: excellent

Essence: Excellent



WhatsApp Image 2021-04-12 at

As a puppy, I started training in dog sports with Youtube King "LOU". Due to his intelligence and quick perception, it is a great pleasure to work with him! We visited the dog school and there he passed the BH with distinction and 1 . He has a very strong prey and play instinct, which is why we have registered in the Association for German Shepherd Dogs (SV) eV and in working dog sport (IGP) to offer him the desired capacity. Due to the pandemic, we now hope that we in spring 2021 can finally complete the BH-VT here as well in order to then be able to continue training in working dog sport (IGP) for the upcoming exams.

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